New adult 3-on-3 league intended promote fitness, family and fellowship

Jeff Bobo • Oct 17, 2017 at 3:45 PM


CHURCH HILL — The founders of two new 3-on-3 adult basketball leagues starting next month in eastern Hawkins County have basic Hoop Dreams: to promote fitness, family and fellowship.

And the Rec Board members who came up with the idea aren't afraid to lace up the sneakers themselves, step out onto the court and put their money where their mouth is.

The Church Hill-Mount Carmel-Surgoinsville Recreation League (or Three City League for short) is currently accepting registrations for a new 3-on-3 adult men's half-court league and a 3-on-3 adult women's half-court league.

The members of the Three City Rec Board of Directors came up with the idea to give adults and old-timers like themselves an opportunity to get out with friends and family, get some exercise, compete and have a little fun.

That's why the board, which includes representatives from all three cities, is forming its own 3-on-3 team for the new league.

They're calling themselves The Administrators, and they'll be competing on the regular schedule along with the other men's teams that sign up.

The Administrators won't be eligible for any trophies, although admittedly after their first shoot-around Monday in the Church Hill Middle School gym they've got some work to do before they could be considered contenders.

But they're willing to take a few thrashings on the court for a good cause.

"We're just there for moral support, and we're not entitled to the championship, which should come as a big relief to the other teams," joked board Chairman Chris Christian. "One of the goals of this board is to come up with activities for the diverse age groups that we have."

Christian added, "This is to get our adults in the community more involved. ... Exercise, camaraderie, just getting the community out together.”

Board Vice Chairman Doug Sawyer said he's hoping that when youngsters see their parents involved in adult sports leagues they'll want to play in the youth leagues as well.

"Say, for instance, I'm playing, and I've got two kids who haven't been in a Rec League, and they want to see old dad play ball. ... That might be a little stepping stone where they get involved in recreation themselves," Sawyer said.

Sawyer added, "We're not just limited to serving kids. We're representing older people, too. We're just trying to get more people involved and reaching out to the older people."

They're expecting to play Wednesday nights at Church Hill Middle School, but they may need to play Saturday nights as well depending on the number of teams they sign up.

The season will last through December, and they're planning a pre-season tournament followed by a 10-14 game season and a post-season tournament — all of which is included in the $100 team fee.

They'll be following 3-on-3 international rules, which call for games of 21, best two-out-of-three. They'll play half-court, with one game and one ref on each end of the full court.

The team registration deadline is Nov. 3 at the Rec Office on the ground floor at Church Hill City Hall. The cost per team is $100, and a maximum of eight players are allowed on each team roster.                                                          

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