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Love where you live Kingsport Neighborhood Commission eager to get to work

Margot Seay • Feb 2, 2018 at 4:00 PM

Editor’s note: One of the “big ideas” to come out of the One Kingsport visioning process was the creation of a Neighborhood Commission. A group of residents who could meet and discuss issues facing our neighborhoods and also serve as a communications channel to local government officials. The commission officially formed in December and began meeting earlier this year.

The following is from Margot Seay, chair of Kingsport’s Neighborhood Commission.

All my life, I have been drawn to volunteering. I love working with people and the energy a group of committed people can create. There is great joy in helping your fellow citizens.

Therefore, it is an honor to serve as the inaugural chair of the Neighborhood Commission. My personal goal is to be as active as I can, ensuring that I reach as many people as possible and hear them out.

When my husband and I moved to Kingsport in 1968, I was fascinated by Kingsport’s unique neighborhoods, full of character in their own way. Actually, some of my fondest memories occurred in Colonial Heights, where we bought our first home. That’s where we made many of our lifelong friends. Then we watched our children settle in and now my grandkids are settling in too.

Now it is time for me to work diligently with my fellow commissioners to help our citizens solve problems.

The Neighborhood Commission is an exciting step for ALL residents in Kingsport. It’s the realization of an idea that grew out of community conversations over the years. Our purpose is to provide a link for sharing, listening and collaborating between our neighborhoods, all Kingsport residents, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and city staff.

A well-deserved recognition goes to the Strong Neighborhoods Committee that worked to make sure this commission was a top priority for the city. This group included Jeanette Blazier, Lynn Tully, Charles Nitschke, Skip Norrell and other community leaders. After several months of research and discussion, they presented a workable plan to the BMA to provide our neighborhoods that much needed strong link to the city and also provide a foundation for the success of the Neighborhood Commission.

The 12 newly appointed commission members represent ALL Kingsport residents and was purposefully selected to represent the cultural diversity of Kingsport. All members exhibit a great enthusiasm for making Kingsport an even better place to live.

As a commission member, while we live in one neighborhood, we represent ALL neighborhoods. That is important to know.

Whether a person lives in one of the historically planned neighborhoods, a newer, more suburban neighborhood or a single street with a few close neighbors, there is an advocate representing him or her on the commission.

We serve YOU. We are here for YOU. Let us be your voice.

We are proud to say that all meetings will have sufficient time for public comment. We are here to listen to our neighbors, so we are making an effort to have citizens speak first. Our neighbors will drive our conversations, and will drive our process to help improve our neighborhoods. If you have a success or concern to share, please bring it to us.

Is there work to be done? Of course! There always is. So let’s get started!

The meetings of the Neighborhood Commission will be held on the last Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. The location will rotate throughout different areas of Kingsport, and we encourage residents from all across the city to attend.

For more information, visit KingsportTN.gov and click on the “Residents” tab.

The next meeting of the Neighborhood Commission will be held Thursday, February 22 at the V.O. Dobbins Douglass Room. We are excited to be visiting the Riverview Community.

Hope to see you there!