Republicans take all 24 seats on Sullivan County Commission

J. H. Osborne • Aug 2, 2018 at 11:19 PM

BLOUNTVILLE — With projected winners’ names in bold, here are the unofficial results in races for the Sullivan County Commission:

District 1 (one seat): Incumbent Randy Morrell (R), 603 (unopposed). 

District 2 (three seats): David Akard III (R), 1,572; Mark A. Hutton (R), 1,430; incumbent Mark A. Vance (R), 1,385; Adam Casto (D), 417; Mia J. Johnson (I), 1,203.

District 3 (one seat):  Andrew K. Cross (R), 611 (unopposed). 

District 4 (three seats): Incumbent Michael B. Cole (R), 1,877; Joyce Neal Crosswhite (R), 1,846; Tony Leonard (R), 1,745; Linda King Brittenham (I), 1,348; Mike Fleenor (I), 938; Gary Kawula (I), 208; Phillip Jackson White (I), 715. (Commissioner Mack Harr, who lost in the GOP primary in May, filed to be an official write-in candidate and received 37 votes.)

District 5 (two seats): Hershel Glover (R), 1,274; Dwight D. King (R), 1,380; Robert Bob Hudson (I), 890.

District 6 (three seats): Judy Blalock (R), 2,037; Todd Broughton (R), 2,039; incumbent Terry L. Harkleroad (R), 1,968; James W. (Bill) Jones (D), 643; Chad Austin (I), 1,214; Dennis Doran (I), 586; Marshall Hicks (I), 738; Jeff A. Luster (I), 202.

District 7 (two seats): Samuel “Sam” Jones (R), 1,762; incumbent Angie Stanley (R), 1,823; Lori Love (D), 570.

District 8 (two seats): Incumbent Darlene Calton (R), 1,312; Alicia D. Starnes (R), 1,285; Julie Bachman (I), 778.

District 9 (two seats): Kingsport Alderman Colette George (R), 1,205; Doug Woods (R), 1,191. (No other candidates.)

District 10 (two seats): Incumbent Larry Crawford (R), 1,484; Gary Stidham (R), 1,290. (No other candidates.)

District 11 (three seats): Incumbent John Gardner (R), 1,609; Hunter Michael Locke (R), 1,539; incumbent Patrick W. Shull (R), 1,507; Lance Sawyer (I), 941.

The newly elected commissioners will take office effective September 1, 2018 for four-year terms of office. These figures are from the Sullivan County Election Commission and are considered unofficial until that group convenes to certify the results.

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