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Community Scrapbook: An Ode to COVID-19

Submitted by Patti Wilder • Jun 22, 2020 at 4:00 PM

Today’s Community Scrapbook features a poem submitted by Patti Wilder, a light-hearted ode to COVID-19.

An Ode to COVID-19

By Patti Wilder

COVID-19, oh COVID-19
One of the worst the world’s ever seen
We must never shake, we simply can’t hug
We must wash our hands, don’t dare share a mug

If someone approaches, you simply must ask
Please take a step back ‘til I put on my mask!
We’re told to stay home, no ifs, ands or buts,
All these new rules for living are driving us nuts!

Oh, when will this virus become history?
Oh, when will the rules ease for you and for me?
Oh, when will that vaccine ever appear?
“They” say if we’re lucky, well maybe next year.

By then we’ll be bonkers from living like this
And any reprieve will simply be bliss.
So, let’s all be grateful that summer’s arrived
And perhaps in the heat it will meet its demise!

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