Riverdale man gets life sentence for sexually abusing 5 girls

Tuesday , April 17, 2018 - 5:15 AM

OGDEN — After hearing accounts from multiple victims, a Riverdale man was essentially given a life sentence Monday on child molestation charges. 

Although he said he was “deeply sorry” for the pain he caused, Jacob Rich Streeper, 38, maintained his innocence and denied in court that he raped and sexually abused five girls.

Streeper said he will appeal the court’s decision “the moment he steps inside the Utah State Prison.”

In March, a jury found Streeper guilty of 13 felony charges, including multiple counts of rape of a child, aggravated sexual abuse of a child, and sodomy on a child — all first-degree felonies.

Judge Mark DeCaria adhered to the prosecution’s suggestion and gave Streeper consecutive sentences for multiple charges.

Streeper will spend at least the next 100 years in prison, and he still faces sentencing for two additional felony charges after he violated a court order and contacted victims after his arrest.

Streeper was first arrested in August 2016 after a pregnant woman told Riverdale police that she saw what she thought was child pornography on Streeper’s iPod and struggled with him to take the iPod away from him. 

The woman also told police that, after an altercation, she learned that two young girls she knows said they had been sexually abused by Streeper, according to a charging document.

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During the Monday hearing, Streeper’s first victim told the court that she learned about sexual abuse in an eighth-grade health class, and “the memories of that night came flooding back,” she said. She went on to describe Streeper’s clothing and the assault that occurred in 1997.

Another victim told the court that she has a hard time trusting others because of the abuse. She asked the judge to give Streeper the maximum sentence. 

The next victim to give her statement said Streeper would give her pills so he could molest her while she slept and that she would wake up with swelling and soreness. 

“I don’t know how you could abuse me without remorse,” she said. “How could you live with yourself?”

Streeper’s ex-wife said he betrayed his family “in the worst possible way.” She, too, asked the judge to give Streeper the maximum sentence possible, and said he will re-offend if given the chance. 

Before being sentenced, Streeper blamed Utah’s public defender system for his conviction, and for not allowing his attorney to spend the proper amount of time on his case.

Prior to his statement, one victim addressed Streeper’s previous denial of the sexual abuse. 

“You can hide and deny to us,” the victim said. “But you can’t deny it to God.”

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