By the numbers: How did RCS earn its 2017-18 Reward School status?

Jeff Bobo • Updated Jan 10, 2019 at 7:05 PM

ROGERSVILLE — Rogersville City School’s long history of high academic performance remained intact during the 2017-18 school year, and on Tuesday the Board of Education took a tour of Tennessee’s new state report card format to find out how that happened.

In December, the Tennessee Department of Education issued its final release on the 2017-18 TCAP scores which saw five schools in Hawkins County,  including the independent K-8 Rogersville City School, earn Reward School status.

The other four Reward Schools were in the county system: Hawkins Elementary, Clinch School, Carters Valley Elementary and Mount Carmel Elementary. 

On Tuesday, testing coordinator Shane Bailey gave the city Board of Education a presentation on the RCS scores. 

RCS is scored on academic achievement, student academic growth and chronically out of school.

There are three other report card categories not related to RCS, including progress of non-English speaking students. RCS has fewer than 10 non-English speaking students in grades 3-8, which is the minimum required by the state for testing accountability.

The other non-related categories are high school graduation and reading graduates.

Under the new report card format, schools received a rating of 0-4 in each of those three categories. Bailey said it’s similar to a grade point average where the highest possible score is a 4.

In Achievement, RCS scored 3.3; in Growth, 2.8; and in chronic absenteeism, 4.0 — exceeding the state’s minimum performance goal in all three area’s.

The school’s overall accountability score is determined from an average of those three scores, with Achievement counting 50 percent; Growth counting 40 percent; and Chronic Absenteeism counting 10 percent.

Bailey told the BOE that the overall score of 3.17 was high enough for RCS to earn Tennessee Reward School status for 2017-18.

Breaking down the Academic Achievement scores, 50.7 percent of RCS students scored on track or mastered overall in the three subject areas.

In math, RCS scored 43.4 percent on track or mastered, up 1.5 percent from the previous year; in English Language Arts (ELA), RCS scored 38.6 percent, down 1 percent; and in science, RCS scored 75.9 percent, up 3.4 percent.

RCS was well above the state average of 39.1 overall, as well as 33 percent in math, 32.8 percent in ELA, and 54.8 percent in science.

Bailey noted that the school struggled in its subgroups, which scored 2.11 on the 0-4 score.

For example, in the ELA subject, minorities scored 30.8 percent on track or mastered; economically disadvantaged 21.7 percent; English learners 38.1 percent; and students with disabilities 10.6 percent — for an overall subgroup ELA score of 23 percent on track or mastered.

Bailey noted that the RCS state report card can be viewed in greater detail online at htpps://reportcard.tnk12.gov.