Hawkins Justice Center Prayer Walk set for Sunday afternoon

Jeff Bobo • May 17, 2018 at 2:41 PM

ROGERSVILLE — Hawkins County Jail inmates won't see their visitors during Sunday's Justice Center Prayer Walk, and the visitors won't be able to see the inmates, but God will see both groups and hear what they’re saying.

On Sunday, the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office hosts the sixth annual Justice Center Payer Walk, an event that was launched in 2012 by the Rogersville-based Expecting God's Help organization.

For the first four year, visitors walked around the outside of the Justice Center and visited several prayer stations with different themes and messages.

Last year, they decided to move the event inside. Sheriff Ronnie Lawson said it puts the prayers closer to the people who need them.

"The main reason we changed it to an inside Prayer Walk was I wanted the people praying to be inside the area close to the people who need prayer the most," Lawson told the Times News on Tuesday. “When you do it outside the building, you don't get the feel of the dark side in some of the hallways like you do inside. As we do this, people lay hands on the walls, and the inmates on the other side of those walls will know there's people close by praying for them."

Lawson added, "We have regular Bible studies and church programs, and a lot of the inmates indicate that they need Christ in their lives. We try to do everything we can to help them in their walk toward Jesus."

The Prayer Walk is 2-4 p.m. at the Justice Center, which is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Highway 11-W and Park Boulevard in Rogersville.

Visitors will enter on the sheriff's office side of the Justice Center and exit on the courtroom side. Prayers will be led by HCSO Chaplain Rev. Rick Dinkins.

Station 1 is in the HCSO lobby, where you'll be asked to pray for all who pass through those doors.

Station 2 is in the HCSO administrative hall, where you'll pray for all officers and jail staff.

Station 3 is in the offices of Lawson and Chief Deputy Tony Allen, where you will pray for both of them.

Station 4 is at the jail laundry, kitchen, booking, counseling rooms and infirmary, where you'll pray for inmates to make the right choices, jailer safety and for those who are sick or use deception to obtain drugs.

Station 5 is outside the GED room, jail chapel and inmate housing, where you'll pray for inmates to take advantage of the educational opportunities provided, the spiritula guidance they receive and their families.

Station 6 is at Sessions Court and the judge's chambers, where you'll pray for judges to have Godly wisdom and discernment as they render decisions.

Station 7 is at Criminal Court, where again you'll pray for judges to have Godly wisdom and discernment as they render decisions.

Station 8 is at the Clerk of Court's office and Juvenile Court where you'll pray for accuracy and patience as clerks serve the public, and that young people who pass through court learn self control and to make good decisions.

Expecting God’s Help initiated the prayer walks around the Justice Center in 2012, and Dinkins organizes the prayer effort, which is advertised through the Of One Accord ministry.