TDOT drill rig coming to Mount Carmel Monday to explore 11-W sinkhole

Jeff Bobo • Apr 19, 2020 at 7:35 PM

MOUNT CARMEL — Tennessee Department of Transportation workers will be back in Mount Carmel on Monday to try to determine why a Highway 11-W sinkhole that appeared earlier this month began sinking again.

TDOT spokesman Mark Nagi told the Times News the spot patched by TDOT on April 8 settled again Friday evening.

“The recommendation was to patch it and leave the lane closed over the weekend as a precaution,” Nagi said. “TDOT Geotech will be up there on Monday to do some exploration with the drill rig.”

The sinkhole is located about halfway between Independence Avenue and Hammond Avenue in the westbound right lane on 11-W. 

Sinkholes have been an ongoing problem in the area for years, although usually they’re on nearby Main Street, which parallels the highway.

The last time a sinkhole appeared in that area was in July 2017 on Main Street directly above the location of Tuesday’s sinkhole.

Before that, one occurred in 2012 in that same spot on Main Street, although the problem extends south across 11-W, where the eastbound lane guardrail has had a distinct dip for years.

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