Best of the blotter: Hawkins County switch discipline, chicken kicker, election prank and more

Rain Smith • Dec 28, 2018 at 6:30 PM

This installment of the Times News blotter contains some of the highs and lows of Hawkins County police reports in 2018.

Jan. 24

At 8 a.m., a man called police on his ex-wife, saying she had been in his yard throughout the night. Along with screaming obscenities and damaging the underpinning of his trailer, she was spotted “kicking his chickens.” An officer arrived to find the suspect still on the scene, belligerent and claiming she was “only trying to get help.” What assistance she needed was not specified. She was arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Feb. 22

Police who responded to a possible break-in at a vacant Rogersville home found an unoccupied car in the driveway. A check of the residence revealed a door had been forced open and a man and woman were inside. When questioned, they stated they were looking for a place “to have sex.” A consent search of their vehicle found several glass pipes and meth residue. The couple were arrested for drug offenses and trespassing.

March 10

A DUI suspect hit a mailbox on Christians Bend Road, then crashed outside a residence on nearby Goshen Valley. When police arrived, the man’s vehicle was “stuck in the homeowner’s garden,” while tire tracks were observed “all over the property.” According to the resident, the driver had been “going around in circles.” The suspect was unable to perform sobriety testing and had vodka in his pocket, netting his arrest.

April 29

A Rogersville resident called police after finding “107 election signs in her yard that weren’t there the night before.” They were taken to the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office to be retrieved by candidates. Police believe the prank was perpetrated by a juvenile.

May 17

During an “argument about some plumbing work,” a man hired for the job pointed a gun at a Rogersville homeowner and allegedly threatened to shoot him. The suspect was located in a subsequent traffic stop with a firearm in his possession. The weapon was loaded with two rounds, one engraved with “F” and the other “U.” He was arrested for aggravated assault.

June 14

Police were alerted to an uninvited man jumping into a pool in Rogersville. A deputy found the suspect wet in the driveway. He claimed he had to take the quick dip to avoid being shot. He added that people “were after him because they wanted his money from a TV show.” He was suspected of being on drugs, prompting his arrest for public intoxication.

July 18

A deputy was called to an altercation at a Church Hill home, where a child had sprayed his grandfather with a water hose. The man responded by grabbing a switch to “discipline” the boy, according to witnesses, and chased him into the residence. When the man’s wife “jumped in” to intervene, he swiped her across the face. Another swing also switched the boy’s arm. Due to injuries observed on the victims, the man was arrested on two counts of domestic assault.

Aug. 17

When a Church Hill man discovered $100 missing from a desk in his home, he purchased a security camera. He then told a neighbor that the police were coming to lift fingerprints from his back door. Later, the neighbor was recorded at the door with a towel, wiping down the glass. When shown the footage and questioned by police, he admitted to committing the burglary and trying to wipe away any evidence. He was arrested.

Sept. 27

A man called police to his Church Hill home due to people “hiding in his attic.” A responding deputy found the resident had “torn a hole in the bathroom ceiling” in an attempt to locate the intruders, but a police search of the house failed to find anyone else present. Forty minutes later, the man called 911 again, this time saying people were hiding under the floor. For a second time, police found no one but the caller, who this time admitted to taking meth. He was arrested for false reporting.

Oct. 28

While a woman was being taken to jail for violation of probation, she claimed she wasn’t feeling well. The reason: an ounce of meth her boyfriend had placed in her vagina. The deputy transporting her didn’t observe any signs of distress and they continued on their way. However, the woman became more adamant and screamed, “I know I have meth in my vagina because I put it there!” A subsequent check at a hospital found no drugs, and she admitted to lying. Along with the original warrant, she was additionally charged with filing a false police report.

Nov. 23

At a market, a man tried to pay for $6 in gas with a counterfeit $20 bill. When the clerk told him the cash wasn’t real, he handed her three more bills, commenting that “they are all probably fake.” He then departed.

Dec. 1

A man reported an assault at a business in Phipps Bend Industrial Park. During a staff meeting, according to his account, he had fallen asleep, at which time a woman “hit him on the back open handed.” Police took no action.

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