Man accused of indecent exposure at Kingsport Pavilion

Rain Smith • Jan 14, 2019 at 7:15 PM

KINGSPORT — Police have arrested an 18-year-old for a pair of recent incidents at a Kingsport shopping center, where he allegedly sat in a car and intentionally exposed himself to women.

Xander Z. Larkins faces two charges of indecent exposure. He turned himself in at the Kingsport city jail on Friday morning and was booked in on previously obtained warrants.

The offenses allegedly occurred in October and December at the Kingsport Pavilion, 2626 E. Stone Drive. As previously reported in the Times News blotter, the first complaint was filed Oct. 30 by an employee of Ulta.

The woman told police that she parked outside the store at about 5 p.m. A black BMW then pulled directly beside her, and a man behind the wheel "lifted up his lower body … positioned his hips towards her." Before he drove away, she saw the man's genitalia fully exposed as he fondled himself.

No license plate was obtained in that incident, and a police search of the area was unable to locate the suspect's vehicle.

On Dec. 7, a woman and her daughter, ages 51 and 28, reported a nearly identical incident. While the women sat in a vehicle in the parking lot, a black BMW parked next to them with the driver's side window down. They then described a young white male in a blue shirt who stared at them from behind the car's wheel.

"Both observed the male with his pants pulled down exposing his genitals and masturbating," according to a Kingsport Police Department report.

 The suspect again fled the scene, but the women were able to provide officers with a license plate. That led to the registered car owner's home on Lambert Drive.

Police say they found Larkins wearing a blue shirt. He reportedly admitted to being in the Kingsport Pavilion parking lot in his BMW, but he said he was only looking at a website similar to Craigslist on his cell phone. He denied exposing himself.

Through subsequent investigation — which included a photo lineup being shown to victims — Larkins was tabbed as the suspect in both cases, spurring the warrants and his arrest.

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