Raid on ex-wife's fridge leads to arrest in Hawkins

Rain Smith • Mar 6, 2019 at 2:13 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of local police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

March 4

A woman reported five fraudulent transactions on her credit union account, totaling more than $220. She suspected her daughter may be responsible, as she could have obtained the debit card number when they ordered a pizza. The food was bought in celebration of the victim’s grandson getting out of jail.

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

Feb. 26

A 20-year-old called police to report his brother, 18, had shot him in the head with a BB gun. When a deputy arrived, the complainant advised he shouldn’t have dialed 911, as the two were only playing. A family member confirmed that the caller often “gets mad and overreacts.” No police action was taken.

March 4

A Piney Flats woman was awakened by her boyfriend “smashing her head and biting her.” Officers observed injuries consistent with her statements and suspected she suffered broken bones. When police tried to enter the suspect’s home, he refused to answer, though a crying child attempted to unlock the door. Eventually police made a forced entry, and the suspect denied any violence had occurred. After being arrested for aggravated assault, he allegedly stated, “She’ll change her story and I’ll beat it (the charge) like the rest of them.”

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office

March 1

A Rogersville couple said a friend transported them to Waffle House so they could eat dinner together. As the husband and wife were in the restroom, the acquaintance allegedly went through the woman’s purse, stole more than $500, then fled and left them stranded at the restaurant. When the couple were able to find a ride back to their vehicle, it was missing. The same man was suspected of stealing it as well.

March 2

A man visited his ex-wife’s home and entered uninvited — despite her protests — then proceeded to help himself to food and beer. When he exited the residence to urinate, she locked him out and called police. A deputy found the man outside and observed damage to a door. After the suspect admitted, “Yes, I beat the (expletive) out of that door,” he was arrested for vandalism and domestic assault.