Banks save Hawkins woman from scam by refusing to cash bogus check

Jeff Bobo • Mar 11, 2019 at 3:03 PM

BULLS GAP — A 65-year-old Bulls Gap woman was spared the loss of $1,000 Tuesday after her bank and another one refused to cash a bogus $1,550 check.

The woman told the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office she had been in contact with a person who identified himself as “Clinton Rose,” representing the Wilkes Print and Ship from Wilkes Point, N.C.

The victim was told she would be paid $550 for using her vehicle for an advertisement “wrapping,” which involved placing an advertising decal design on her vehicle.

Rose then sent the woman a check for $1,550, which she was told to cash.

She was then supposed to return $1,000 to Clinton Rose by mailing Walmart gift cards in that amount.

The victim attempted to cash the check at her own bank, but was told it was a fake. She then attempted to cash it at a second bank and was again told it was a fake.

This scam has worked in the past because oftentimes a bank will cash an out-of-town check using the victim’s balance as security. By the time the check is returned to the bank as phony, the victim has already sent money to the scammers.

Rose reportedly continued to contact the victim and assure her the check was good, then threatened to file a complaint against her if the $1,000 payment wasn’t made.

At that point, the victim contacted the HCSO and was advised to have no further contact with Rose.

The HCSO also indicated that the victim’s bank has taken steps to protect her account.