Romanian couple indicted on federal fraud charges

Matthew Lane • May 11, 2019 at 9:00 AM

GREENEVILLE — A Romanian couple who allegedly used stolen credit card numbers at several ATMs in Kingsport and Johnson City have been indicted on federal fraud and identify theft charges.

Adelina Gabriela Nacu, 29, and Claudiu Nacu, 30, were indicted in April in U.S. District Court in Greeneville. The 10-count indictment charges the couple with wire fraud, aggravated identify theft and access device fraud.

The couple are scheduled to go to trial June 25.


In March, the Johnson City Police Department contacted the U.S. Secret Service about two people in custody on suspicion of credit card fraud. At that time, Adelina Nacu also had an active arrest warrant out of Norwalk, Iowa, for credit card fraud.

During the course of the investigation, Citizens Bank sent information to the police department about some suspicious activity at a couple of its ATMs in Kingsport and Johnson City. The suspects had attempted several transactions with foreign credit cards and were driving a black Jeep Cherokee bearing New Mexico tags.

Soon after receiving this information, Johnson City police saw the vehicle pulling into another Citizens Bank location on State of Franklin Road. Officers then conducted a traffic stop and the Nacus were arrested.


Police searched Adelina Nacu at the scene and allegedly found 150 fake credit cards in a pouch sewn into her skirt. The cards had a magnetic strip and stickers on the front with a four digit number. Adelina was also in possession of $1,569 in cash.

Court records state that Citizens Bank provided federal agents with a list of card numbers that were used by the Nacus at the ATMs. Agents scanned all of the cards containing a magnetic strip and determined all of them had been re-encoded with numbers that were different than the numbers printed on the front of the card.

The Nacus allegedly attempted to use and did use the fake cards at ATMs at the Citizens Bank on Fort Henry Drive and the Select 7 Credit Union in Johnson City, among others.