Vintage Mustang scam nets $43K from two Hawkins victims

Jeff Bobo • Jul 27, 2019 at 8:00 PM

ROGERSVILLE — Two Hawkins County men reported recently that they were scammed out of a total $43,000 in separate incidents involving an attempt to purchase a vintage Ford Mustang.

A Rogersville man told the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office that on June 25 he purchased a 1964 Mustang for $14,000 from Family Auto Sales in Seattle, Wash.

Since then, he had been waiting for the vehicle to be delivered.

The purchase was made by wire transfer from the victim’s bank to Capital One Bank in Brooklyn, N.Y.

All communication with the dealership prior to the purchase had been done by phone or by computer.

The victim told the HCSO he tried to call the number associated with the seller, but it had been disconnected.

In an unrelated case, a Mount Carmel man reported a similar scam involving his attempt to purchase a 1967 Mustang for $29,000.

The victim told Mount Carmel Police Department Chief Ken Lunsford Jr. he purchased the vehicle on eBay Motors using the “Buy It Now” button, after which he wired the money to the seller and arranged shipping.

After completing the wire transfer, he never heard anything from the seller.

Later, the bank where the funds had been wired contacted the victim and told him that it was likely a case of fraud.

“He wired it to a bank in California, and the bank called him and said, ‘This is fake,’ ” said Lunsford. “Apparently an insurance company for eBay Motors is going to give him his money back.”