Four officers subdue hallucinating Hawkins man who admitted to taking ecstasy

Jeff Bobo • Apr 28, 2020 at 6:00 PM

MOUNT CARMEL — It took four officers to restrain a Hawkins County man who allegedly became violent early Thursday morning while en route to the Hawkins County Jail after the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office reportedly found him on drugs and hallucinating on a Mount Carmel street.

Chance Cole Crawford, 25, 1000 University Blvd., Kingsport, reportedly admitted Thursday morning to taking ecstasy, as well as Subutec and Clonazepam — and he was also allegedly found in possession of meth.

While en route to jail, Crawford reportedly stated there was someone under the back seat of the patrol car where he was seated attempting to stab him, and Crawford began kicking the car door hard enough to alter its path on the roadway.

Arresting HCSO Deputy Hunter Jones had to stop on Highway 11-W near Thurman Lane due to Crawford allegedly kicking the patrol car window and door.

Three officers responded to assist Jones get control of Crawford, who continued fighting after multiple attempts to subdue him with pepper spray and a taser.

Jones stated in his report that at one point Crawford bit his neck and tried to push Jones out into traffic.

The incident began around 5:21 a.m. Thursday when Jones reportedly observed Crawford standing outside a maroon Pontiac that was stopped on McCracken Lane in Mount Carmel.

Crawford reportedly stated someone was in his vehicle and that the seats were moving, although Jones found no one in the vehicle, and the seats weren’t moving.

Crawford allegedly admitted to having used ecstasy, Subutec and Clonazepam, and he allegedly had a Clonazepam prescription bottle in his pocket that contained a Suboxone pill.

At that point, Crawford was arrested and placed in the back seat of of Jones' patrol car while Jones searched the vehicle. That search allegedly resulted in 4.1 grams of meth being located in Crawford's backpack.

While Jones was searching Crawford’s vehicle, Crawford allegedly began kicking the patrol car window. When Jones told him to stop, Crawford complied. But after a few minutes, Crawford allegedly began kicking again, at which time Jones then gave him a burst of pepper spray to the face.

While en route to jail, Crawford slipped his cuffed wrists from back to front and allegedly began damaging the RADAR unit at the back window of the patrol car. He then allegedly began kicking the patrol car door with such force that it altered the patrol car's driving path.

Cpl. Harry Torian, Cpl. Eric Pease and Surgoinsville Police Chief James Hammonds arrived to assist Jones.

It reportedly took all four officers five minutes to get Crawford to the ground so they could attempt to get him under control and in shackles.

Crawford was arraigned Monday in Hawkins County Sessions Court on charges including assault on an officer, meth possession, destruction of county property, resisting arrest, violation of the Tennessee Drug Control Act and public intoxication.

At the time of his arrest Thursday, Cole was free on bond from an April 1 arrest for drug possession, driving on a suspended license and driving an unregistered vehicle.

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