Arraignment of Baby Evelyn's mother postponed due to incomplete review of interviews

J. H. Osborne • May 8, 2020 at 10:51 AM

BLOUNTVILLE — Megan Boswell, the mother of deceased toddler Evelyn Mae Boswell, had a brief virtual court appearance Friday morning for what was scheduled as an arraignment on false report charges.

Megan has been jailed on those charges since Feb. 25. Her bond was initially set at $25,000 on March 2 and increased to $150,000 at the request of prosecutors a few days after human remains believed to be those of her missing daughter were discovered.

During Boswell’s court appearance Friday, held by video conferencing, the prosecution asked that the arraignment be postponed due to the ongoing task of reviewing hours of interviews Boswell participated in prior to her arrest on the false reporting charges. Her attorney, who is also reviewing the interviews, agreed the task has been time-consuming. With the process of reviewing those taped interviews incomplete, Boswell’s charges have not been presented to a grand jury.

The court reset her arraignment to June 19.

Her attorney asked for an earlier date, giving notice that he intends to seek a reduction in her bond.

The court set a separate hearing for that bond reduction request on May 28.


When the prosecution sought to have Boswell’s bond increased, Attorney General Barry Staubus, Second Judicial District, called only one witness:Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Brian Fraley.

At the time, Staubus said Fraley is among the many members of law enforcement investigating the Boswell case since Evelyn was first reported missing on Feb. 18. The toddler had not been seen in two months or more. Fraley’s testimony supported points the prosecution made in its motion to increase Megan’s bond, Staubus said.

According to that motion:

• On March 6, law enforcement searched property of the Boswell family and a child’s body was found in an outbuilding on the property.

• The body appeared to be that of a child of the same age and appearance as Evelyn Boswell — and was wearing clothing that Megan previously described as belonging to Evelyn. (Staubus said the clothing matches the pink outfit Megan was described as wearing the last time she was seen.)

• The body was sent to the Pathology Department at East Tennessee State University for an autopsy. The results are not yet available, Staubus told the Times News earlier this week.

• Additional items, which Fraley described as typically belonging to a child, collected from the outbuilding will be examined at the TBI’s Crime Lab.

• None of the above points were known to the court on March 2, when Megan’s bond was set at $25,000.

• Megan is not employed and does not have a residence, should she post a bond.

• “Given the recent developments in the investigation, it is the state’s position that (Megan) is a flight risk. The state is aware that (Megan) has made out-of-town trips in proximity to the relevant dates in this investigation. (Megan) has contacts out of state.”

• “The state would aver that (Megan) “poses a substantial risk of harm to the community if she is released into the community.”

The motion also states Megan “made multiple false statements regarding the possible location of the child” and “as a result ... law enforcement expended tremendous resources in following possible leads and investigating areas that proved to be false.”


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