Ask public works about streets

Letter To The Editor • Jul 22, 2016 at 2:05 PM

Ask public works about streets

A recent article reported that the Kingsport Board of Mayor and Aldermen had voted to hire a consulting company to do a survey of city streets needing repair and paving. This raised a flag in my mind of unneeded expense to taxpayers when resources are already available to gain this information. Who better to ask than the hardworking folks in public works who travel our streets every working day picking up our garbage, trash and recycling materials.

In the course of a week, every street in our city is traveled by these folks. They well know of all the teeth jarring, deep enough to bury a truck in potholes. If there should be a question of where they travel just check the addresses of we who will receive assessments of $8 each month for the service they provide.

Jim Burchfield, Kingsport

Street study a waste of money

I am in complete agreement with the editorial about the building of a sidewalk on Stove Drive that no one will use. We have no sidewalks in Colonial Heights where people walk every day for exercise. They have to walk in the streets. There is no other option for them. So when will we get sidewalks in Colonial Heights?

Now the city is spending $270,000 for a street study. Why? The people in the street maintenance department already know what needs to be done I’m sure. Is it too much trouble to pick up the phone, call them and ask?

Roy Dempsey, Kingsport

Take back our counties

Political party elitists at national and local levels try to determine who will represent us. Bernie Sanders had to run not only against Hillary Clinton but also the Democratic Party. The Republican Party has consistently tried to force its preferred candidates on the people. Although Donald Trump prevailed, Speaker Paul Ryan initially refused to acknowledge Trump as the people’s choice. Failed candidate Mitt Romney and others have been doing their best to discredit him. Donald Trump wasn’t my preferred nominee, but at least he was selected by the people.

In Hawkins County, Republican Party commissioners worked with the serving District 9 representative and appointed one of their own, Gary Hicks, as state representative in early October 2015, before it was official and even while Hawkins County commissioners were still doing their secret planning. Rebecca Isaacs, Rogersville City School director, communicated to the Rogersville Board of Education that “...Gary and I have been discussing this possibility for some time and have a plan in place.” That’s clearly government of the government, by the government and for the government. Mr. Hicks was then and still is a paid employee of the Rogersville City Schools. Meanwhile, in Britain, the people have decided to take back their nation, not only from the European Union, but also from a home government that had decided it knew better than the people. That can also be done here in Hancock and Hawkins County in District 9. Vote in the Aug. 4 primary.

Allen Bunch, Rogersville

We should combine resources

I thank County Mayor Richard Venable for bringing up my advocacy for regionalism. The combined resources and power of our region far surpass the individual duplicated economic development efforts that have produced limited results over many years. Together, we all can afford the best people and technology.

Operating as we do today produces competition, jealousy and wasted effort. It is time to elevate economic development to a broader perspective and expect better results.

Roy L. Harmon Jr., Kingsport