Time after time - Street clock coming to downtown

Matthew Lane • Feb 1, 2016 at 2:12 PM

KINGSPORT — Time is on Kingsport’s side. Or it will be in one part of the downtown area.

According to Sherri Mosley, the executive director of the Downtown Kingsport Association, the Model City will soon have a 16-foot-tall street clock on display. The four-face clock is being manufactured by the Verdin Company — a Cincinnati-based business founded in 1842 specializing in bronze bells, street clocks, glockenspiels and monuments.

“We’ve always been considering one because a lot of downtowns have this really cool, iconic clock in their community,” Mosley explained. City officials attended a community planning seminar last year where Verdin had a display of its wares.

“It was perfect timing. We’ve always wanted one and we could get one at a really good price,”

Kingsport purchased the clock for $21,500. At the same time, the city also purchased two additional parklets for $12,167, with one slated to be installed on Market Street. All of the items were on sale, Mosley said.

The clock was ordered at the end of December and Verdin is personalizing it with the name “Kingsport” before shipping it to the city. Mosley said the clock would probably arrive sometime this spring and then be installed.

But where the clock will go has yet to be decided. Mosley said the city and DKA have narrowed the location to two sites.

“We really respected Citizens Bank and their clock tower on Main Street, so we didn’t want it to be close to that,” Mosley said. “Since we already have that clock presence on Main, we thought further away would be more appropriate.”

Which is why the other end of Broad Street is being considered, either near Church Circle or in front of the Kingsport Public Library, within the small area where the benches are located.

“My first choice would be next to that, protected by the black bollards and it would be on a tall pedestal to be protected,” Mosley said. “The worst thing that could happen would be for someone to run over it.”

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