Scott County water, sewer projects moving forward

Holly Viers • Apr 6, 2019 at 6:30 PM

GATE CITY — Several improvements to water and sewer services are in the works in Scott County.

Mike Dishman, director of the Scott County Public Service Authority, gave an update on the projects during Wednesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting. Below is a rundown of some of the major projects that are moving forward.

Nickelsville merger

The SCPSA’s merger with the town of Nickelsville’s water and sewage service is still underway, Dishman said. The commonwealth committed $3 million toward the project, including $1.1 million in grants, $700,000 in loans and $1.2 million in interest savings over 30 years.

“We are pleased with how things are going with Nickelsville,” Dishman said. “We’re going deliberately slowly on that; we want to get it right and make that consolidation happen by June.”

Central Scott County water

Currently in the funding application phase, this project will serve the area north and east of Gate City between Clinch Mountain and the Clinch River, including Big Moccasin, Midway, Nickelsville, Reed Hollow, Snowflake, Upper Manville and Williams Mill.

The project has received a Rural Development SEARCH grant to complete the preliminary engineering report and environmental report, which are currently underway. The SCPSA has sought user agreements from citizens via a recent mass mailing, and many signed agreements have already been received.

Fairview waterline extension

The engineering plans and specifications for the first phase of this project have been approved, and all easements have been obtained, Dishman said. The SCPSA is currently advertising for construction bids, with work expected to start in the late spring or early summer of this year.

“We’re hoping for good bids on Fairview,” Dishman said. “If we get good enough bids, we can maybe do part of phase two in phase one and do that sooner than expected.”

Daniel Boone sewer

The Lane Group has designed this project and prepared engineering plans for phase one, Dishman said. The SCPSA awarded the construction contract on March 20. Work is expected to start in June and be completed in 2020.

Yuma and Hiltons sewer

The preliminary layout is complete and work has begun on getting permits and identifying required easements for this project. Funded by a Rural Development grant and loan, the project covers sewer phases two and three in Yuma and phases one and two in Hiltons.

“We’ve still got a ways to go with a lot of permitting to obtain,” Dishman said. “There is an opportunity right now that Rural Development is helping us with. They have what’s called pooled money; that’s money left over nationwide, and they want us to try … to get some of that pool money to even do Hiltons phase three now and Yuma phase four now, so that might happen quicker than expected.”

Robinette Valley and Hunters Valley West water

Funded by a grant and loan from the Virginia Department of Health, this project will serve about 80 homes, Dishman said. Preliminary design is nearly complete, and the SCPSA is applying for permits. Construction is expected to begin in June of next year.