VDOT outlines six-year secondary road construction plan for Scott County

Holly Viers • Jun 10, 2019 at 7:45 PM

GATE CITY — VDOT plans to take on 21 secondary road construction projects in Scott County as part of its new six-year plan.

Allan Sumpter and Jackie Christian of VDOT presented the plan during a public hearing at Wednesday’s Scott County Board of Supervisors meeting.

What is the six-year plan?

The plan was created based on the county’s wish list for secondary road construction projects. Christian said just over $4.9 million is allocated for the plan.

Which roads are included in the plan?

Christian said four of the projects will be fully funded this year: Route 653 (Hunters Valley East), Route 627 (Copper Creek Road), Route 670 (Addington Frame Road), Route 760 (Kimblertown Road) and Route 702 (Sherwood Forest Lane).

Several other routes have been on past iterations of the six-year plan but haven’t yet been fully funded, Christian said. These include Route 703 (Robin Hood Lane), Route 707 (Newland Hollow Road), Route 753 (Beeline Road), Route 657 (Greens Chapel Lane), Route 681 (Gillenwater Chapel Road), Route 701 (Jayne Hill Circle), Route 689 (Anne Goode Cooper Road) phases one and two, Route 856 (Spurlock Hollow), Route 654 (Horton Summit Road) and Route 693 (Eaton Hill Road).

Three new projects were added to the plan this year due to additional funds: Route 660 (Obeys Creek Road), Route 641 (Turkey Lick) and Route 697 (Fowlers Branch). All projects in the plan will be fully funded by the end of the six-year period.

What was the feedback?

Before supervisors unanimously approved the plan, one citizen, Roger Wolfe, spoke in favor of the Hunters Valley East project, in particular.

“This project has been ongoing for several years, and I’ve been complaining about it since 2004. … Every year at least two or three times, the road gets flooded, washed out,” Wolfe said. “We’ve got a huge hayfield on the left side; trash goes in there. I’ve probably got 40 tons of rock in that field where it’s washed down there over the years. So I’m glad that they’re going to get to that project, finally.”