Scott County water, sewer projects moving forward

Holly Viers • Aug 11, 2019 at 8:30 PM

GATE CITY — Several water and sewer projects are making progress in Scott County.

Mike Dishman, executive director of the Scott County Public Service Authority, gave an update on current and future projects at Wednesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting. Below is a list of some of the projects and where they stand:

Fairview Waterline Extension: “We were able to obtain $465,000 more in grants to extend that project further and serve more of Phase Two, because the only funding we had at that point was for Phase One,” Dishman said. “So that was great news, and construction is to start this month.”

Daniel Boone Sewer Phase One: “The contractor has been given notice to proceed,” Dishman said. “They’re doing some drilling out there and then mobilizing crews around the first week of September to start that long-awaited sewer project.”

Yuma Sewer Phases Two-Four and Hiltons Sewer Phases One-Three: “Just last week, and this is terrific news, we got Yuma Phase Four and Hiltons Phase Three funding. … It will enable us to basically complete the Yuma sewer system and come close to finishing the Hiltons sewer system,” Dishman said. “There is a Phase Four of Hiltons that has not been funded.”

Robinette Valley and Hunters Valley West Waterline Extension: “We have applied for our environmental permits, and construction is expected to start in the spring of 2020,” Dishman said. “Possibly, though, it could start before.”

Nickelsville Acquisition and Improvements: “Our crews are performing admirably and working to get problems worked out. We’ll get the water and wastewater systems in good shape soon, I believe,” Dishman said. “The state worked with us on that, and it was a good merger. I think it will be good not only for the town, but good for the PSA.”

Central Scott County Water: “We hope to have funding in place for this big water project in central Scott County, or at least the first one or two phases of it,” Dishman said. “This fall, our engineers are submitting a preliminary engineering report and environmental report.”

Also during Wednesday’s meeting, the BOS:

• Heard an annual report from the Scott County Soil & Water Conservation District. The organization helps citizens protect the natural resources in the county through various programs, such as streambank protection, feed barn installation, seed giveaways and educational outreach at county schools.

• Established a temporary solid waste committee to discuss the county’s waste sites, trash trucks and related issues. County Administrator Freda Starnes said the goal is to come up with better ways to handle solid waste collection and make it run more smoothly.

• Announced a public meeting to inform citizens about AirMedCare Network, which provides insurance coverage for helicopter transports in case MedFlight isn’t available. A helicopter flight to a hospital can cost around $35,000, Starnes said, while the insurance rate is around $85 per year for everyone in the household. The meeting will be held in the County Administrative Office, located at 190 Beech St. in Gate City, on Aug. 27 at 6:30 p.m.