Several water, sewer projects coming up in Scott County

Holly Viers • Dec 12, 2019 at 7:30 PM

GATE CITY – Scott County residents can expect to see new or ongoing water and sewer improvement projects taking place in the coming months.

Mike Dishman, director of the Scott County Public Service Authority, gave a report on current and future projects at this month's Board of Supervisors meeting. Most recently, the PSA completed a waterline extension on Hanging Rock Parkway in Duffield, which could serve up to nine homes on the west side of the railroad.

Under construction

Three water and sewer projects are currently under construction:

• Daniel Boone sewer phase one: The contractor moved to the site in September and is working on road bores. Just under 1,000 feet of line has been installed.

• Duffield wastewater treatment plant improvements: Construction is ongoing at the 40-year-old plant to make equipment upgrades. Work should be complete near the end of this year.

• Fairview waterline extension: Construction started last August and is being done in two contracts. More than 40,000 feet of water main has been installed.


Several projects have received the necessary funding to move forward, but construction has not yet begun. Those are as follows:

• Sustainability improvements: This project includes multiple improvements to the PSA’s water plants and distribution system, including incorporating an existing high-producing well at Natural Tunnel State Park into the PSA’s water supply grid.

• Weber City water main replacement/leakage reduction: This project will replace an old and deteriorating galvanized water main that has significant leakage.

• Robinette Valley and Hunters Valley West waterline extension: This project will serve about 80 homes. The PSA is currently obtaining permits and easements, and construction is expected to start in the spring of next year.

• Nickelsville water and wastewater: These projects will make needed improvements to the existing systems.

• Yuma sewer phases two, three and four; Hiltons sewer phases one, two and three: The project is in design, and work has begun on getting permits and identifying and obtaining required easements.

Not yet funded

Some projects are in the funding application phase and have not yet been fully funded. Those are listed below:

• Central Scott County water: This is the first phase of the PSA’s comprehensive county water project. It will serve the area north and east of Gate City lying between Clinch Mountain and Clinch River. The PSA is currently working to complete a preliminary engineering report and environmental report.

• Reed Hollow Road water and sewer extension: These projects would serve the homes from the Gate City town limits to the top of the hill, including side roads. The PSA is currently gathering user agreements and income surveys.

• Multiple other waterline extensions: These include Alley Valley, Ann Goode Cooper, Dingus Hollow, Federal/Shoals, Gas Well, Hunters Valley East, Long Hollow Road, Stanley Valley and Upper Cliff Mountain. These projects are being developed, and the PSA has applied for some funding.

For more information or to view status reports on water and sewer construction projects, visit scottcountypsa.myruralwater.com.