Police Blotter – Alleged meat peddler stalks young Kingsport woman

Matthew Lane • Mar 14, 2020 at 3:00 PM

KINGSPORT — A 22-year-old city woman claims an unknown man in a blue truck has been stalking her for three days, while on one of those days attempting to sell her some meat.

Earlier this week, Kingsport police spoke with the woman and her boyfriend at their Ward Place home. The couple told officers an unknown white male, claiming he worked for Capital Meats, first came to the house on March 6.

According to the woman, the man came to the house alone that day around 4 p.m. and claimed to be selling meat. However, he didn’t have any with him at that time. The woman declined to purchase any meat, so the man left a brochure on the front porch and left in a blue Nissan truck.

The next day, the man returned around 9 a.m. and again started knocking on the door. When the woman answered the door, the man asked to use her phone because he had locked his keys in his truck. When the woman said she didn’t have a working phone, he simply left.

On Monday, the man returned to the Ward Place house a third time around 11 a.m., this time with two other unknown white males. The incident report said the men were in a red truck with a cooler in the bed. The girlfriend said she didn’t answer the door when they knocked and shortly afterward the men left.

However, the original stalker returned a couple of hours later in his blue truck and again began knocking on the door. At that point, the woman called her boyfriend, who in turn called the police.


Kingsport police interviewed a man in the alley behind Commerce Street on Feb. 20, with the man telling officers how he came to be in possession of several explosive devices.

According to an incident report, the man said he was picked up by another man in his 60s, driving a gray or silver Subaru station wagon. He knew the man only as “Kenneth.” The pair went to a trailer located in Goshen Valley (in Hawkins County), and while there the man asked Kenneth for money.

But instead of money, Kenneth gave the man a hand grenade, a PVC pipe bomb and a military signal flare. When he got back to town, the man became afraid of the explosive devices and tossed the grenade and pipe bomb into a trash can on Commerce Street. Police checked the can, but it had already been emptied. The flare was taken for later disposal.


A 19-year-old Kingsport man recently told police he had been blackmailed out of $1,600 from a man he met at an online dating website.

According to an incident report, the teenager told police he joined the site Meet Me about five months ago and at some point began chatting with a man, who soon after sent him a nude frontal picture of his lower body. The man sent several more, and the teenager thought he sent a picture back.

Eventually, the victim received a message from another person claiming to be the man’s father, who said his son attempted suicide because of the online interactions and is now in therapy. The father then demanded money for the therapy and said he would call the police and have the teenager arrested. The victim told police he sent multiple amounts of cash to the father, $1,600 total, using the Cash App. Police advised the victim to change his phone number, contact the dating website and stop sending the man money.


A 54-year-old Kingsport man recently told police about losing his dog in February and how he believes someone, who claims to have his dog, is trying to extort money out of him. After losing his dog, the man said he put up “Lost Dog” signs around town and posted about it on several web sites.

Soon after, the man told police he received a text message from a local phone number saying they think they have his dog and that they bought the animal from someone on Craiglist. The man then asked for a photo of dog, just to be sure, but the unknown person would not send one and instead asked for money for the return of the dog.


Kingsport police responded to the Americourt hotel shortly after 3 p.m. on March 3 in reference to a knife-wielding man in the lobby. According to an incident report, the man’s name was Calvin Williams, and witnesses said he was threatening to kill everyone in the lobby with a large folding knife.

Employees and a customer told police Williams was visibly upset, ranting and raving, while pacing back and forth. Witnesses tried to ignore him, but Williams continued to become more upset, eventually pulling a large knife from his pocket, waving it around and saying, “I’ll kill everyone here.” When police arrived, they found Williams walking from the hotel. An officer placed him in custody and charged him with two counts of aggravated assault.

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