Kingsport police blotter – Man claims to be in trouble with Aryan Brotherhood

Matthew Lane • Apr 4, 2020 at 3:45 PM

KINGSPORT — What started out as a masked man swinging a stick at people in the parking lot of the Walmart Neighborhood Market ended with a claim of a Kingsport man allegedly being targeted by the Aryan Brotherhood.

Kingsport police responded to the store on Lynn Garden Drive on the afternoon of March 27. Witnesses said a white man, wearing a mask, a white jacket and white pants, was swinging a stick at people. An officer located the suspect, Joseph Teague, who told a story about an encounter with a member of the Aryan Brotherhood.

According to an incident report, Teague said he was walking through the parking lot when a brown car came up behind him and a passenger pulled out a gold fixed-blade knife with a black handle and told him “he was done.” Teague told the officer he’s been having issues with the Aryan Brotherhood and believes he is on their list.

If given the chance, Teague told police, the man in the brown car would kill him. However, video surveillance and witness statements told a slightly different story. That evidence showed Teague spitting on the car after it approached him, then walking on to the store.

A passenger exited the vehicle in an attempt to confront Teague, but soon after got back in and the vehicle left the scene. No charges were placed and police let Teague go on his way.


Police responded to the Walmart Supercenter on Fort Henry Drive last week about a theft from the jewelry department. A loss prevention officer told police a man came into the store and purchased a gold chain from the jewelry counter for $324.

Video surveillance showed the man then leaving the store and getting into a dark blue Chrysler 300. Soon after, the man came back into the store, returned the necklace and got his money back.

According to an incident report, the jewelry clerk discovered the necklace was fake gold and not the one Walmart had sold the man. The man used an ID from Nebraska to return the item, which loss prevention believes is fake. Security cameras were unable to capture an image of his license plate.


On a Saturday afternoon in mid-March, police responded to the Kingsport Public Library in reference to a disturbance between two acquaintances. One man told police another man had his cell phone. The suspect said he had taken the other man’s cell phone because he “had taken his data.”

Police told the man that someone can’t just take your data off of your phone. The suspect then took officers to where he had hidden the phone, which was given back to the owner. The victim was satisfied and not angry with the other man, police report. No further action was taken.


In early March, a Kingsport police officer came across a man pacing back and forth in the parking lot of a Lynn Garden gas station. According to an incident report, the man then walked up to a light pole, waved his arms and screamed at it. Finally, the man walked behind the gas station, again waving his arms.

Thinking the man was intoxicated, the officer stopped and spoke to him. The man, who had slurred speech, said he was waiting for his aunt. The officer arrested him for public intoxication and took him to jail.


Kingsport police responded to the Ridgefields neighborhood last week on a report of two auto burglaries. The victim told police the theft took place during the night with someone gaining access to a 1995 GMC Sierra and a 1987 Cadillac Brougham.

According to an incident report, both vehicles were locked at the time. After the theft was discovered, the owner said the vehicle doors were slightly ajar, but still locked. Both glove compartments were open and items were tossed throughout the interiors. Although  multiple valuable items were in the vehicles, the only thing stolen was a “Walking Dead” Season 8 DVD.

Police report there are no suspects at this time.

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