Scott County Humane Society launches Drive for $5 fundraiser

Holly Viers • Jun 20, 2020 at 12:00 PM

GATE CITY — The COVID-19 pandemic has canceled a number of local events, including the Scott County Humane Society’s annual yard sale fundraiser.

Normally held Memorial Day weekend, the fundraiser was canceled this year due to restrictions on public gatherings. To make up for those lost funds, the organization has launched a Drive for $5 fundraiser, encouraging donors to give $5 or more online or by mail.

“If enough people would do that, that would really help us out a lot,” said Robin Skeen of the SCHS. “That’s not a whole lot of money, and of course we encourage them to send more, but if they could just send us $5, that would help a lot.”

What does the organization do?

The SCHS helps save dog and cats and control their numbers in the county through two major areas of focus: the spay and neuter program and the rescue and fostering program.

“Since 2008, we have spayed and neutered 4,291 dogs and cats in Scott County,” Skeen said, adding that the organization partners with the Margaret B. Mitchell Spay/Neuter Clinic for that program. “And this year, to date, we have pulled … 60 total from the shelter and sent to rescues. In 2019, we pulled 211 dogs from the shelter and sent them to rescues.”

Skeen added that the SCHS has lowered the animal shelter’s euthanasia rate significantly by placing dogs in foster homes or with rescue organizations. One example is Earl, a pit bull who spent four months in the shelter.

“He was finally pulled from the shelter … and went to the vet to be checked out,” Skeen said. “They found out he had cancer, but during this time, we had gotten him into a rescue, and this rescue took him, even though he had cancer and paid for his cancer treatment and found him a home.”

How can people donate?

Donations can be made online at scotthumane.com. Donors can also mail a check to P.O. Box 1535, Gate City, VA 24251.

Skeen said plans are tentatively in the works to hold a yard sale fundraiser in the fall. Even so, the organization hopes to raise as much money as possible now in case those plans don’t work out.

“We need several thousand dollars,” Skeen said. “What we’re hoping to do, if the COVID thing would die down a little bit and we can kind of get back to normal, is maybe have the yard sale fundraiser in October, but we can’t even count on that at this point. So that’s why we thought we would go ahead and solicit monetary donations from the public.”

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