Minga Road to be partially closed during Boone Dam repairs

J. H. Osborne • Nov 5, 2015 at 9:35 PM

GRAY — Not nearly as many people turned out Thursday for a public meeting on a draft environmental impact report, as have at previous TVA-hosted meetings on seepage at Boone Dam, the subsequent extended lowering of Boone Lake, and the agency’s long range fix for the dam.

TVA staff and experts available to answer public questions numbered more than 30.

Members of the public numbered somewhere between 50 and 60.

Earlier meetings drew as much as 500 or more members of the public.

TVA officials attribute the lower attendance, in part, to the public having gotten used to the idea that the lake will remain at low levels — after the agency revealed its long term repair plan for the dam in late July.

That plan will include construction of a concrete wall within the earthen section of the dam, cost $200 million to $300 million, and take from five years to seven years for completion.

Speaking with reporters after the meeting, Boone Lake Association President Ron Siegfried agreed there is a level of acceptance of the situation among many homeowners around the lake since TVA announced the long range repair plan. But that does not mean they’re happy about it.

And, Siegfried noted, the topic of the meeting Thursday wasn’t likely to draw as many people as the unveiling of the repair plan in July.

The purpose of the meeting Thursday: collect public comments on a 210-page draft environmental impact report on the repair plan.

TVA officials led off the meeting with a couple of short presentations summarizing highlights of that draft report — and explaining how the public may submit comment (on that report).

The report is available online at http://www.tva.com/booneprojectea.

More information about submitting comments regarding the environmental assessment are available at https://www.tva.gov/Newsroom/Boone-Dam-Project.

The public comment period ends Nov. 30.

The environmental review is expected to be complete in January and TVA officials have said the repair project will move forward shortly afterward.

During the opening presentation at the meeting Thursday, TVA officials said the agency has identified two tracts of agency-owned land to serve as staging areas for the repair project.

Both tracts are near the dam. Beginning in late spring or early summer, a section of Minga Road will be closed to the public to allow construction vehicles to pass from one tract to the other.

The closure will not include any driveways to any homes on Minga Road, Project Manager Sam Vinson said, although it does include an access point to an undeveloped parcel of land.

Minga Road runs between Boone Dam Road and Hamilton Road.


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