'I think it's time to move on'

Hank Hayes • Mar 28, 2019 at 7:00 PM

U.S. Rep. Phil Roe was critical of the Mueller Trump-Russia investigation but told reporters in a Thursday conference call that it is time to move on.

“Basically he had a team that spent $25 million dollars, almost two years with the actual investigation going on for two and a half years on Russian collusion which included 19 lawyers, none of which had ever donated a penny to Republicans, many of them had donated sizable amounts of money to Democrats,” Roe, R-Tenn., said of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. “If I had been Mr. Mueller, I would have put together a different team.”

Roe then cited the investigation’s other statistics: 40 F.B.I. personnel, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, 230 requests for records, text messages and emails, and 500 witness interviews.

“Which led to the single conclusion of no collusion, I think it’s time to move on,” Roe noted. “We’ve wasted enough time on this, and I do think one thing … there was an abuse of power in this entire investigation. It wasn’t the Mueller Report, other than the fact … how this investigation occurred with the Steele Dossier and Fusion GPS and how this all came to fruition, I think to me, the worst thing they did after this concocted Steele Dossier was the use of the FISA Court in a politically motivated dossier to spy on American citizens. I doubt it’s ever happened before and it’s got to stop because I’m not voting for another Patriot Act with a FISA Court in it unless we get those abuses corrected. If … President Trump did this to someone, there would be outrage as there should be.”

Roe also addressed the following questions:

What’s going on with Medicare Part D?

“There’s a nasty little secret out there that I had actually forgotten about. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) is a very lengthy bill, as you all know, a 2,500-page bill, but in that bill, they had begun to close the donut hole for Medicare patients. What they did was allow no inflation for drug costs for 10 years, and all of that comes due next year … there’s going to be astronomical increases in seniors’ costs if we don’t do something.”

What’s going on with the Veterans Administration and the rollout of the Mission Act?

Roe, a retired physician and the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, said the Mission Act is expected to go live June 6.

“That obviously is an extremely important piece … the only thing we talked about is the delay in the rollout of the caregiver program. That’s the second major piece of the Mission Act for catastrophically injured veterans post-9/11 … to get a caregiver paid for by us, the taxpayers. That did not apply to pre 9/11 Vietnam era guys like myself … that’s been delayed by an IT (information technology) glitch … once that is up and going, we will begin to roll that much needed program out.”

Did you vote for the Paycheck Fairness Act?

“I opposed that bill for a number of reasons … I am co-sponsoring a bill we had done previously, the WAGE Equity Act.”

What’s going on with the U.S. Department of Defense transgender policy?

“This is what (former Defense Secretary) General (Jim) Mattis’ transgender policy says: Anybody who’s transgender and there are 900 of them in the military across all branches of service. Transgender individuals can serve in their biologic sex. Individuals with gender dysphoria seeking to serve in the military must be stable for 36 months … medical transition treatment … disqualifies you from service … you can’t get in the military if you have a bunion right now … if you have an ulcer, you can’t get in, if you have a hernia, you can’t get in.”


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