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Spruce up with spring cleaning

Sunday , April 15, 2018 - 12:00 AM

TX. Correspondent

When springtime rolls around and we break out of our winter slumps, we seem to gain a renewed sense of motivation. As the outside world around us seems to take on a new life with new growth, we begin to notice the havoc that winter wreaked on our homes.

Minor home repairs, clutter and other tasks that simply must get done seem to scream out now. It looks like it’s time for some spring cleaning!

• Declutter 

The main aspect of spring cleaning that I have always loved but had the hardest time with is decluttering. Everyone accumulates unnecessary junk over time, and what better time to take care of that than during spring cleaning?

But it’s important to take this task in stride and to not get overwhelmed or distracted. It’s easy to take a walk down memory lane with every object that jumps out at you, but if you clean out clutter at that rate, next spring will be here before you get done!

A nice tip to try to manage your decluttering is to break it down spatially. If you’re cleaning multiple rooms, start with one, and don’t move on to the next until that room is 100 percent finished. If you only have one room to declutter, break that room down into chunks to keep yourself moving toward your goal.

It’s also nice to think of your decluttering in a positive light. A lot of the things you get rid of can be donated to local facilities that can reuse them. Extra clothes can be given to organizations like Goodwill or Deseret Industries, for instance. If you’re throwing out a bunch of old papers, try recycling them to reduce waste. There’s no need to feel bad about decluttering your life.

If you’re a bit of a hoarder and have a difficult time parting with many of your beloved possessions, take a moment to ask yourself these questions: Will I ever remember that I got rid of this? Am I going to use this ever again? Will I wake up in a month and even remember that I ever owned this?

Use these questions to help you decide what you really need to keep and what needs to be donated or thrown away. Living in a decluttered and organized space causes way less stress and just makes life easier overall.

• Repair

Due to the damage that can naturally come to your house during the winter months, it might be necessary to make some minor repairs.

With winter comes snow, with snow comes water and with water comes damage. Looking for water damage in areas such as in windowsills, garages and basements allows us to catch problems and repair them before they get out of hand.

Other areas around your room might simply need a little touching up. For example, maybe your bathroom door creaks every time you open it. Use this time of year to get it fixed.

Or give your room a new coat of paint to freshen things up. Rearrange the furniture. Fix a leaky faucet. There are all sorts of repairs to make things work or look better that you can accomplish during your spring cleaning.

• Clean

The most important thing to do during spring cleaning is to actually clean! Spiff things up a little and kill some germs in the process. This is one great time set aside during the year when we all need to deep clean. Take care of those tasks we all know and hate.

That means deep clean your bathroom. Take this time to clean not only your toilet, but wash the floors — including scrubbing the grout. Give your tub or shower a nice clean because, after all, it helps you get clean every single day. Clean and polish up the mirror to get the bathroom looking good as new.

Treat your carpets to a deep clean, too. Give your floors the attention they deserve instead of just walking all over them. Vacuum like it’s going out of style, and maybe even hire someone to come in and give your carpets a deep clean and wash. This might even be a great time of the year to get some new carpet.

Overall, don’t get overwhelmed by spring cleaning; just take it in stride. Look for areas in your room or house that need cleaning, repairs or decluttering. Even though this spring ritual may be painful during the process, the feeling of a clean house afterward is worth it!

London Maynard is a senior at Bear River High School. Email her at

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