Five reasons to visit Church Circle’s living Nativity

Holly Viers • Dec 16, 2017 at 9:00 AM

KINGSPORT — Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and the other characters from the Christmas story will be gathering in Kingsport Sunday for a special event: a living Nativity on Church Circle.

The event will be held from 6-8 p.m. and everyone is welcome. Here are a few good reasons to check it out.

1. It’s free. Katie Blalock of First Broad Street United Methodist Church said the event is a gift to the community from all three Church Circle congregations: First Broad Street, First Baptist Church and First Presbyterian Church. The churches came together this year to co-host the event for the first time in anyone’s memory, Blalock said.

2. You don’t have to leave your car. The event is drive-thru only, Blalock said. As shown on the map, drivers should enter at the corner of East Sullivan and Commerce streets and take the route shown by the red arrows until they reach Church Circle. After going slowly around the circle, drivers should exit via West Sullivan Street.

3. You’ll get to see live animals. Camels, sheep and perhaps a few chickens will be on hand to make the scene even more realistic, Blalock said. The Nativity will also feature centurions on horses, a bustling marketplace, singing angels, shepherds and, of course, Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

4. It will be interactive. As people drive through the circle, Blalock said, they are welcome to roll down their windows and take in all of the sights and sounds. Visitors can also interact with the people in the marketplace or any of the other characters.

5. It brings new life to the Nativity story. “It’s especially great for kids to see, to really just bring life to the story and become something that’s not just long ago,” Blalock said. “It becomes more current and more real to them.”