Week five of Summer in the Park includes Ultimate Frisbee, nature jeopardy, water volleyball

Holly Viers • Jun 25, 2018 at 8:30 AM

KINGSPORT — Summer might have just officially begun last week, but Warriors Path State Park has been celebrating it for more than a month now with Summer in the Park.

The free series of events happens every week during summer months when many children are out of school. Below is a sampling of activities you and your family can enjoy this week.

Tuesday, June 26

1 p.m. — Dream Catchers: Let’s make these “catchy” little decorations, inspired by Native American craft. Meet at the main bathhouse.

7 p.m. — Meet the Owl: Meet a real-live feathered hunter. Come to the Open Air Chapel and see “whooo” is waiting for you. If it is raining, meet at the main bathhouse.

9 p.m. — Night Hike to Sinking Waters: It’s a whole different world out there at night! This is our chance to discover the peace and the excitement of a night in the Sinking Waters wetland. Bring a dim flashlight and drive to the camp store. We’ll carpool to the trail.

Wednesday, June 27

8:30 a.m. — Breakfast with the Birds: Come wake up to our feathered neighbors. Meet at the main bathhouse to begin a stroll through bird country. The first 12 people to come get a free doughnut and juice.

11 a.m. — Wonderful Wildflowers Walk: Early summer is a perfect time for blooming things! Come for a hike among the beautiful wildflowers of the park. Drive to the camp store and we’ll carpool.

7 p.m. — Ultimate Frisbee: Join us for an extreme game … some might say, the “ultimate” hobby. Meet at the Boundless Playground entrance and we’ll head to the fields together.

Thursday, June 28

9:30 a.m. — Sinking Waters Ridge Hike: Explore succession — the changing face of nature — on the first loop of the Sinking Waters Trail. We’ll discover the woodlands changing all around us! Drive to the camp store, and we’ll carpool to the start of the trail.

2 p.m. — Junior Rangers: Web of Life: Every living thing is part of the web. Help us get really “tied up” in our work as we build our own living web. You’ll see natural places like you’ve never seen them before! Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main bathhouse if it is raining.

4:30 p.m. — Nature Jeopardy: Let’s try out this natural version of the famous game show. Test your skills and see how much you really know about nature. Meet at the Open Air Chapel or main bathhouse if it’s raining.

Friday, June 29

11 a.m. — Nature Poetry: Come enjoy “listening in” to some inspiring words about nature. Then amaze yourself by writing your own poem about the great outdoors. Bring your favorite poem if you’d like and meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main bathhouse if it’s raining.

2 p.m. — Water Balloon Volleyball: What a great way to cool off! Enjoy an exciting liquid game. Meet at the campfire circle on the east end of the campground. Meet rain or shine; we’ll be wet anyway!

7 p.m. — Old-Timey Games: Enjoy some good old fun! Try some games from the early settlement days of East Tennessee. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main bathhouse if it’s raining.

Saturday, June 30

11:30 a.m. — 100 Inch Hike: Discover life on the tiny side. This will also be a great chance to catch a critter for the races. Meet at the main bathhouse.

Noon — Critter Race for Freedom: Bring your best creepy crawler to the main bathhouse. They’ll all win, because they’ll all get their freedom. No pets or flying creatures please.

5 p.m. — Nature Journal: Come create your own little “nature diary.” Your homemade book will be a perfect way to remember all your nature fun in the park! Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or the main bathhouse if it’s raining.

Sunday, July 1

9 a.m. – Worship Service: Enjoy a peaceful morning worship service at the Open Air Chapel, or at the pool entrance if it is raining. The service is sponsored by Colonial Heights Baptist Church.

For the complete “Summer in the Park” schedule, visit tnstateparks.com/parks/about/warriors-path.