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Marty Stuart to headline Appalachian Rising concert

Staff Report • Apr 25, 2019 at 8:33 AM

HILTONS — A big-name country music artist will be taking the stage at the second annual Appalachian Rising concert at the Carter Fold.

Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and musician Marty Stuart will headline the event with his band, the Fabulous Superlatives. Folk Soul Revival and the Virginia Luthiers Band will also perform, and tickets are on sale now.

When and where

The concert will be held Sunday, June 2 at 2 p.m. at the Carter Fold, located at 3449 A.P. Carter Highway in Hiltons. Doors will open at 12:30 p.m.


Seating is reserved and tickets are required. They can be purchased online by clicking on the “Show Schedule” page at www.carterfamilyfold.org, or by visiting carterfamilyfold.brushfire.com/events/453014.

Ticket availability can be checked on the Carter Fold website or by calling (276) 594-0676. Tickets can be purchased online until 11 p.m. June 1; after that, they can be purchased by phone or at the door on the day of the show.

About Marty Stuart

Over the course of his career, Stuart has played alongside masters like Johnny Cash and Lester Flatt, who discovered him. He continues to record and release keenly relevant music — records that honor history’s rich legacy while advancing it into the future.

When it comes to transforming country songs into tangible experience, Stuart has a secret weapon: the Fabulous Superlatives. Made up of guitarist Kenny Vaughn, drummer Harry Stinson and bassist Chris Scruggs, the band is an extension of Stuart himself.

About Folk Soul Revival

Formed in Southwest Virginia in 2008, Folk Soul Revival has spent a decade growing a wide audience, both at home and on the road. With songs about blue-collar jobs, long workweeks, wisecracking bartenders, messy breakups and richly deserved weekends, the band sources its material from the everyday lives of rural Americans.

The band is comprised of front man and chief songwriter Daniel Davis, Justin Venable (baritone guitar, vocals and occasional songwriting), Brandon Sturgill (upright bass and bass guitar), Chad Light (guitar, pedal steel and banjo) and Justin Louthian (drums and vocals).

About Virginia Luthiers Band

Noted instrumentalists and instrument makers Wayne Henderson, Jimmy Edmonds, Gerald Anderson and Spencer Strickland perform together as the Virginia Luthiers. Not only do they perform the music of Appalachia, but they also build the instruments Appalachian music is played on.

In addition to the musical performances, tickets go on sale the day of the concert to win a guitar handcrafted by the Luthiers. Made from cherry wood taken from a tree behind the Carter Family Museum, the guitar features the Carter Fold logo and will be given away at next year’s Appalachian Rising.

The Carter Family Memorial Music Center is a nonprofit, rural arts organization established to preserve traditional, acoustic mountain music. The center is a family-friendly, drug- and alcohol-free venue.