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Week 3 of Summer in the Park: kayaking, hikes, games

Staff Report • Jun 9, 2019 at 6:23 AM

KINGSPORT — The next week of Summer in the Park activities will offer something for everyone.

Held at Warriors Path State Park, the free series of activities will include hikes, a trail cleanup and plenty of opportunities for outdoor discovery. Below is a selection of events for the third week.

Tuesday, June 11

9 a.m. — Kayak Ride and Lake Discovery: A quiet kayak in the bright waters — there's no better way to enjoy the peace and excitement of life in the lake. Participants must sign up in advance at the marina, as space is limited. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult, and anyone under 18 must have an adult sign a release form. Meet at the marina.

7 p.m. — Birds of Prey: Meet some real live feathered hunters. Come to the Open Air Chapel and see “whooo...” is waiting for you. If it is raining, meet at the main bath house.

9 p.m. — Lamp-Lit Night Hike: Take a “de-light-full” hike through the nighttime forest. Light up the trail with old-timey kerosene lanterns and discover a new world of life after dark. The park will supply the lanterns, but children should bring flashlights instead for safety. Drive to the camp store and we’ll carpool to the park backcountry.

Wednesday, June 12

2 p.m. — Junior Rangers Trail Cleanup: Make the park a cleaner, healthier environment. Participants will make a big difference for the Earth and begin to earn their Junior Ranger badge. Meet at the main bath house and be prepared to get dirty!

4 p.m. — Seed Races: Wind, water and animals carry seeds of new trees and plants all across the land. Our “wind” can help, too! Meet at the Open Air Chapel to show off your “hot air” and plant some new life. Meet at the main bath house if it rains.

9 p.m. — Cherokee Astrology: The early travelers along the Warriors Path took time to look up at the night sky, to create stories and to wonder. Come share some of the star legends of the many people who have called this land home. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or pool entrance if it’s raining.

Thursday, June 13

9:30 a.m. — Riparian Retreat: Riparian means along the creek bank. Come along for a cool hike near Fall Creek, on the far side of the Devil’s Backbone. Drive to the camper check-in station and we’ll carpool.

2 p.m. — Mushroom Meander: There is so “mush room” for mushrooms at the park! Take a walk down the cool and shady trail to meet these fungi and learn more about them. Drive to the camp store and we’ll carpool. Wear sturdy shoes.

7 p.m. — Noisy Toys: How did the pioneer children make music or noise? Make your very own musical instrument with a few simple things from nature. Meet at the Open Air Chapel to create some beautiful music. If it rains, meet at the main bath house.

Friday, June 14

3:30 p.m. — Traditional Baskets: We use bags to carry our goods from the store, but our Appalachian ancestors used baskets. Take a peek at some old-time baskets, then make your own basket to keep. We’ll make ours out of invasive honeysuckle, so we can help clear the forest of some non-native plant pests and make some great little baskets at the same time. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main bath house if it’s raining.

5 p.m. — Skulls: Nature’s Toolbox: Every animal carries along all the tools it needs for survival. Come investigate some natural “tool boxes” and find out more about each animal’s job. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main bath house if it is raining.

6 p.m. — Earthball Games: Let’s have a ball — a six-foot tall ball! Meet at the Open Air Chapel for some lively, cooperative games. If it rains, there will be smaller ball games at the main bath house.

Saturday, June 15

9 a.m. — Hike the Boneyard: Come explore a remote corner of Warriors Path, full of geologic discovery. This will be a challenging 2-3 mile hike, so be sure to wear comfortable clothes, good hiking shoes and bring some drinking water. Drive to the camp store and we’ll carpool.

6:30 p.m. — Wasps and Hornets: Yes, they do sting if you bother them, but they are really amazing creatures when you get to know them, from a safe distance. Let’s get a close, stingless look at these common, important, misunderstood park critters. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or main bath house if it is raining.

9 p.m. — Nature’s Fireworks: Whether we call them fireflies or lightning bugs, we enjoy seeing how such a little “bug” can light up the night. Enjoy their “light show” and find out more about their amazing lives. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or at the pool entrance if it’s raining, for a short slide show about these “flashy insects.”

Sunday, June 16

9 a.m. — Worship Service: Enjoy a peaceful morning worship service at the Open Air Chapel, or at the pool entrance if it is raining. The service is sponsored by Colonial Heights Baptist Church.

To view the complete schedule, visit tnstateparks.com/parks/warriors-path and click “Upcoming Events.”