Teenager who was raped accuses parents of accepting bribe to shut her up

Tuesday , April 17, 2018 - 9:23 AM

Amanda Erickson

(c) 2018, The Washington Post.

In September, a teenager from Delhi was kidnapped and raped.

She went to the police, and the alleged perpetrators were caught and put on trial. But now there’s another challenge.

The teen says her parents have accepted about $7,600 from the alleged assailants. In exchange, they pressed the victim to change her statement to protect her attackers. The young woman found out during the negotiations and figured out where her parents had tucked the money.

The girl reported the bribe to Delhi police, who arrested the girl’s mother. Her father is “on the run,” according to the BBC.

“We believe the accused made efforts to negotiate with the victim’s parents by offering them money,” Deputy Commissioner of Police MN Tiwari told the BBC. “We will find out more only after we arrest the father.”

The young woman’s story is the latest to draw attention to the issue of rape in India.

Just a few days ago, protests broke out over the rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl in northern India: Asifa was grazing her horse in a local meadow when a man followed her into the forest and kidnapped her. She was given sedatives and raped by several men. Her strangled body was found in January. In her home town of Kathua, the violence has divided Hindus and Muslims.

In Etah, a 7-year-old was allegedly raped and murdered during a wedding ceremony. The accused was a local youth hired to set up the tent for the event. She went missing during the wedding ceremony and was found “unconscious” and “in a semi-naked condition, with strangulation marks on her neck. Her abdomen also had blood stains,” according to the Times of India.


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