'An Old Fashioned Independence' at Rocky Mount HIstoric Site, July 4, 2019

J. H. Osborne • Jul 4, 2019 at 7:15 PM
PINEY FLATS - Rocky Mount Historic Site hosted "An Old Fashioned Independence" on Thursday, marking Independence Day as it would have been celebrated in 1791 -with a reading of the Declaration of Independence, hanging ribbons on a ''Liberty Tree," and honoring those who won and those who protect our freedom. Rocky Mount, first capital of the Southwest Territory, was in 1791 home to the William Cobb family - who played host to the region's territorial governor. Re-enactors presented a ceremonial reading of the Declaration and fired off a rifle volley in acknowledgement. Members of the public were then invited to tie red, white and blue ribbons on a tree near the historic Cobb-Massengill House that was designated a stand-in for the Liberty Tree. These activities represent the basic elements of how communities recognized Independence Day for the first 100 years or so of its history.
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