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"Never shut down happiness" -- BoomTown partners with DKA to help downtown businesses hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis

Staff • Mar 24, 2020 at 12:30 PM

KINGSPORT -— BoomTown and Co. has teamed up with the Downtown Kingsport Association to help downtown businesses reopen after the novel coronavirus crisis.

They are selling a BoomTown-designed T-shirt for $20 with the message “Never Shut Down Happiness.” All of the proceeds from the sale of the shirt will go directly to a fund that will support downtown Kingsport businesses.

To order, go to Boomtownandco.com

A similar shirt is also being sold by BoomTown to help downtown businesses in Johnson City reopen after the pandemic crisis.

“This virus is a threat to all the positive growth that has been happening in our downtown community over the past 10 or so years,” said Jamie and Jill McAmis, who own BoomTown and Co. with  Shane and Julianna Evans. “People love coming to downtown shops and restaurants. It gives a sense of belonging to the people who live here and we don’t want that to stop. From the bottom of our hearts, we wanted to help our downtown community. To bring help and be a solution specifically to those downtown local businesses that are struggling.

“With people losing jobs, scrambling for food and resources plus this being a huge unknown for everyone ... sadness can creep in. Our hearts sank as we started hearing businesses shutting down one by one. We want to be a source of hope for these communities and to help shut out the heartache and remind our city that we are in this together and we are stronger together. These are trying times for all of us. If there’s a lesson we’ve learned from this, it is to help your neighbor, be a light and encouragement, and don’t ever stop doing that!”

Robin Cleary, executive director of the Downtown Kingsport Association, said DKA is committed to helping Downtown Kingsport merchants, “in any way that we can, during the Covid-19 crisis.”

She added, “BoomTown and Co. is a valued member of our downtown family and we are so grateful for them for providing this opportunity for the community to support Downtown Kingsport businesses.”

Jamie and Jill said they started BoomTown to help bring attention to, and aid in, the revitalization of “small business downtown America. Specifically in our area.”

“To help connect and promote local businesses as well as encouraging pride in our local community by creating apparel that is locally focused with state love,” they said.

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