Sullivan courthouse employee has COVID-19

J. H. Osborne • Jul 2, 2020 at 4:51 PM

BLOUNTVILLE — An employee of Sullivan County Trustee Susan Ramsey’s office in the historic Sullivan County Courthouse has COVID-19.

Sullivan County Mayor Richard Venable announced confirmation of the case Thursday afternoon and said two other employees have been tested and are awaiting results.

According to Venable’s announcement:

• It is the first confirmed case of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, at the courthouse.

• The employee received confirmation “a few hours ago.”

• The Sullivan County Regional Health Department has been notified and will actively pursue tracing of the recent activities of the employees.

• No other employees have exhibited symptoms but will be monitored.

• The trustees’ office will remain closed until further notice as preventative measures are undertaken to insure a safe environment for the public and county employees. For those who have business with the office, instructions, a drop box and phone numbers will be posted outside.

“All our county offices have adopted measures which protect the health of the public and our employees as they have conducted essential business,” Venable said. “We will be reviewing our procedures and protocols to ensure that we’re up to date on best practices.”

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