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Agriculture programs slated for winter and spring

CHRIS RAMSEY • Feb 23, 2020 at 7:30 AM

We have some great programs at the UT-TSU Extension Sullivan County Office coming up over the next couple of months. Our address is 140 Spurgeon Lane, Blountville. We are approximately 1.7 miles from the Tri-Cities Airport.

If you’re interested in fruit tree management and ornamentals, we have some great opportunities for you. On Wednesday, Feb. 26, we’ll have two great programs. The first is an all-day workshop featuring information on trees around power lines, pesticide use around trees, an overview of safe pesticide use, and emerging insect and disease pests that affect trees. We’ll also have a fruit tree pruning workshop on Feb. 26. Please register by Monday, Feb. 24, by calling 574-1919.

On Feb. 27, we’ll have a drone workshop where we’ll explore how drones can increase agricultural productivity. We’ll also share information you need to know before you purchase a drone, and the regulations you need to understand to be legal.

On March 11, we’ll have a fruit tree grafting workshop. You’ll learn the why and how of grafting. You can reserve rootstock and graft your own trees. After you learn how to graft trees, you can also graft other trees as well.

In March and April, we’ll have two beef education programs. The first, on March 10, will discuss herd health management for the beef herd. You’ll learn what you need to do each month of the year to keep your herd in top productivity. The second program, on April 9, will feature information on emerging health issues in beef cattle. You’ll hear the latest research and how to manage these diseases.

Farming continues to be one of the most dangerous occupations. On April 25, we’ll have a farm safety field day. We’ll have vendors and programs that will share information on tractor, chain saw, and farm equipment safety. The field day will feature a free lunch, T-shirt, and some great information to encourage farm safety.

If you are interested in any of these programs, call the UT-TSU Extension Sullivan County Office at 423-574-1919.

Chris Ramsey is director of the Sullivan County UT/TSU Extension office.