'Threats' on White House trigger Blountville arrest

Rain Smith • Oct 10, 2019 at 3:00 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of local police agencies

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Oct. 5

When police responded to a domestic disturbance in Rogersville, they found a barefooted man with no shirt "rolling in a ditch line." He initially said he had last smoked meth two hours ago, then changed his story to say it had been two days. Nonetheless, he was arrested for public intoxication.

Kingsport Police Department

Oct. 1

Shortly before noon, a resident of May Avenue found an unknown man sleeping in their SUV. When officers responded and woke the suspect he became combative, forcing them to pull him from the vehicle. After transport to the hospital for observation, he fought the staff and had to be sedated. Warrants were obtained for public intoxication, trespassing and assault.

Oct. 6

On Center Street a woman broke a window out of a closed business, then told police that her baby was held captive inside. She also claimed to have 45 children in total, all of which are identical. Believed to be under the influence, she was jailed on multiple charges.

Oct. 8

At a collision on Westmoreland Avenue, a 19-year-old told police she was looking at her cell phone when she struck an unoccupied car. She also had an odor of alcohol, no license, no insurance and improper registration. She was arrested.

Oct. 9

A woman reported that while traveling Fort Henry Drive, she beeped her horn at motorist who cut her off. The other driver responded by holding a handgun out the window, according to her account, and motioning for her to pull closer. She stopped in a parking lot to dial 911, then provided a photo of the suspect's vehicle to police. He was not immediately located.

Oct. 10

Just after midnight, dispatch was alerted to a man "walking in circles" off Fort Henry Drive. Officers located him in front of the mall, where he made "random utterances" about being followed by unseen people. He also admitted to doing cocaine and being awake four days. Ultimately, he was arrested jailed for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Oct. 9

Oak Ridge police issued a BOLO for a man intent on "spreading joy" at the White House: "stated he was going to get naked, jump the fence and find the president." A deputy soon spotted his vehicle northbound on Interstate 81 and conducted a stop. The driver, 21, said he was heading to Washington D.C., and a search failed to find any weapons. However, officers uncovered 16 grams of marijuana and pot paraphernalia, netting his arrest on drug charges. He was also interviewed by a Secret Service agent to "document the threats."