Hawkins Police Blotter: Road rage results in four felony reckless endangerment charges

Jeff Bobo • Feb 23, 2020 at 6:00 PM

ROGERSVILLE — A Hawkins County man who allegedly rammed a vehicle containing four girls after a near collision as the two vehicles were pulling out of the Rogersville Walmart last week is now facing felony charges.

Dillon Douglas Melton, 21, Rogersville, was charged with four counts of felony reckless endangerment on Feb. 17 after he allegedly followed the girls throughout Rogersville and rammed their vehicle four times.

Rogersville Police Department Officer Mark Cook stated in his report that shortly after 9 p.m. he was dispatched to East Main Street near the Dollar Tree, where a white Ford Fusion was following a white Kia Optima, striking it in the rear.

Cook reportedly observed the Fusion, driven by Melton, tailgating the Kia and swerving from side to side. When Melton was stopped, it was discovered that his driver’s license is suspended.

Cook stated in his report that the driver of the Kia told him she and her three friends were leaving the Walmart parking lot when her Kia was almost struck by the Fusion.

She stated that the Fusion, driven by Melton, followed her down Main Street, pulled around her and stopped, at which time Melton exited the vehicle and began striking the Kia with his fists.

The Fusion then continued to follow the Kia, flashing its lights and blowing its horn, and allegedly struck the vehicle from behind four times. The driver of the Kia said she and her friends feared for their lives.

Arrested too quickly to smoke his pot

Trenton Michael Beasley, 19, Rogersville, was charged with felony possession of marijuana on Feb. 16 after 29.3 grams was located in a backpack in the backseat of a vehicle during a Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office traffic stop for a seatbelt violation on Flora Road near Rogersville.

Beasley, who was a passenger in the vehicle, allegedly admitted the marijuana was his.

Deputy Dustin Winter stated in his report that after Beasley had been arrested and read his Miranda rights, Beasley stated, “He had just bought the marijuana and that he had not even got a chance to smoke any of it before being arrested.”

Frozen chicken patty attack

Andrew Aleko Sboukis, 27, Church Hill, was arrested and charged with domestic assault on Feb. 15 after he allegedly threw a bag of frozen chicken patties at his wife and slapped her while demanding to know where his medication was hidden.

The victim stated that she attempted to open a window to yell for help, but the window broke. When she went to the door, Sboukis allegedly pushed her out the door and wouldn’t let her back in.

When Deputy Kyle Shively arrived at the scene, he reportedly observed a cut and red marks on the side of the victim’s face. He also noted a bag of frozen chicken patties on the couch, where the victim said she had been lying at the time of the assault.

Checking into jail under the influence

Rhonda Loise Horner, 47, Rogersville, was charged with public intoxication on Feb. 14 after she was discovered passed out on the floor of the lobby at the Hawkins County Jail.

Horner was there to serve a weekend sentence for shoplifting. Cpl. Anthony Crosby stated in his report that when Horner presented herself to be admitted to jail, she was obviously under the influence of a narcotic and had fallen to the floor on several occasions.

Medical staff was called to examine Horner, whose blood sugar was reportedly found to be normal. When Crosby asked Horner to stand up for him, she immediately fell to the floor and struck her head. Horner subsequently admitted she had taken some pills prior to arriving at the jail, Crosby stated in his report.

Dog attack damages plumbing, wiring

A woman told the HCSO last week that two of her neighbor’s dogs attacked and killed a cat under her trailer, causing $300 worth of damage to the plumbing and cable TV lines.

The incident occurred Feb. 14 at a residence on Housewright Hollow Road near Church Hill.

The woman told Deputy Kyle Shively that she watched as a large Husky and a black dog attack and killed a cat under her trailer. The attack was so violent it broke a PVC pipe under the residence and tore out the cable TV wiring.

Afterwards the dogs ran back to their home, located nearby on Housewright Hollow Road. When Shively went to the dogs’ home he observed the Husky outside and the heard another dog barking inside the residence, but he wasn’t able to locate the owner.

U.S. Marshals Service phone scam

A Rogersville man told the HCSO on Feb. 19 that his wife had received a suspicious text message from a number with a 646 New York area code.

When she called the number, she spoke to a man identifying himself as a U.S. marshall named Michael Tarva, who stated her Social Security number and credit cards had been compromised in a drug and money laundering scheme in Texas.

Tarva then asked the woman for the last four digits of her Social Security number, which she provided. However, she gave no other personal information.

The woman’s husband said no fraudulent activity had taken place with the credit cards, and when he tried to call the number again, it was no longer working.