Hawkins Police Blotter: Four charged in multi-agency meth raid at Beech Creek

Jeff Bobo • Apr 8, 2020 at 9:00 PM

ROGERSVILLE — A monthlong investigation into alleged meth distribution in Hawkins and Greene counties concluded on April 2 with the arrest of four residents of the Beech Creek community of Hawkins County with a raid led by the Third Judicial District Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force.

This past Thursday the task force, along with deputies from Hawkins and Greene counties as well as the Greeneville Police Department, executed a search warrant at 135 McLean Hill Drive near Rogersville.

Four adult suspects and a male juvenile were arrested, and a male juvenile located inside the home was later released to a family member.

During the execution of the search warrant, several items of drug paraphernalia were reportedly located, as well as an unspecified amount of meth and marijuana. The four adult suspects included Hobart Cecil Dotson Jr., 44; Gerald Ray McLean, 62; Angela Faye McLean, 52; and Pamela Kay McLean, 50.

All four live at the residence, and all four were charged with maintaining a dwelling where narcotics are kept or sold. They are scheduled for arraignment on May 20 in Hawkins County Sessions Court.

Third meth PI arrest for Church Hill Inn resident

David James Williams, 25, 1142 Volunteer St., Church Hill, was arrested twice for public intoxication on March 11 — once at the Church Hill Inn parking lot where he resides, and once in Rogersville after he fled Hawkins County Memorial Hospital after being rejected by the jail, reportedly due to his meth-induced high heart rate and blood pressure.

On April 5 shortly after 8 p.m., Williams was arrested again in the parking lot of the inn, this time on charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct.  CHPD Officer Chad Gillenwater stated in his report that he was conducting a routine patrol check of the Church Hill Inn when observed Williams running through the parking lot while screaming, yelling profanities, and attempting to fight imaginary people.

Gillenwater said that Williams fled on foot to the rear of the motel, where he continued yelling about fighting imaginary people. Williams was apparently “extremely impaired” on meth, Gillenwater added. Williams allegedly admitted that he had been injecting meth intravenously.

Headlight violation leads to meth trafficking arrest

Ashlei Diana Shanks, 28, 203 Jackson St., Rogersville; and Timothy Scott Good, 29, 252 Hidden Valley Road, Rogersville, were arrested on April 2 and charged with possession of meth with intent to deliver as a result of an HCSO traffic stop for a headlight violation in front of The Cades apartments on E. Main Street near Rogersville. 

Deputy Dustin Winter stated in his report that as he was pulling up to the vehicle to initiate the stop, Good exited the passenger side and ran into Apt. 105. The tenant allegedly stated he didn’t know anything about the male suspect, but when Winter stated he had observed the man enter, the tenant admitted Good was hiding in the bathroom.

Inside the vehicle, deputies allegedly found a black bag that contained two grams of meth packaged in two baggies, a scale, several empty baggies, a partial Suboxone pill, a small amount of marijuana, and an unknown white powder. In separate bags, deputies reportedly found marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. Shanks and Good were additionally charged with felony possession of drug paraphernalia and drug possession, and Shanks was charged with driving on revoked and no insurance.

Second PI charge for man ‘comparing cars’

Roy Len Simpson, 56, 1019 Mountain View Road, Rogersville, was arrested on April 2 and charged with public intoxication and criminal trespassing after he allegedly went on his neighbor’s property high on meth for the second day in a row “messing around with their vehicles.”

Simpson had been arrested on April 1 accused of doing the same thing. When asked by Deputy Michael Allen on April 2 why he was back on that property after being told not to be there, Simpson allegedly stated he was “comparing their vehicles.”

When asked what narcotics he had been doing that day, Simpson allegedly replied, “meth and dabs.” Dabs is a waxy, marijuana-like paste.

Meth seized during traffic stop for no license plate

Christopher Daniel Waggle, 28, 159 Stewart Drive, Rogersville, was arrested on April 2 and charged with possession of meth, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving on a suspended license, no insurance and registration violation as a result of a traffic stop for no license plate.

Upon being questioned by Deputy Isaac Hutchins, Waggle reportedly admitted that his license was suspended out of North Carolina. Hutchins reportedly observed Waggle stuffing something between the front seats, and although Waggle initially stated there was nothing illegal in the vehicle, when Hutchins started to search, Waggle allegedly admitted there was a meth pipe between the seats.

During the search, Hutchins also allegedly found a vial and a small baggy, both containing meth, as well as aluminum screens and rolling papers.

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