Hill: 'The goal when I started in politics was to serve people'

Hank Hayes • Jun 13, 2020 at 3:45 PM


ROGERSVILLE — Why would Tennessee state Rep. Timothy Hill give up a safe state House seat to run for Congress?

The Blountville Republican is selling his 1st Congressional District campaign for the August GOP primary by insisting he's the "proven conservative" who is pro-President Trump, pro-life and pro-gun.

"The goal when I started in politics was to serve people," the 38-year-old Hill said Thursday before addressing a group of Hawkins County Republicans at Occasions on the Square. "We've done really well and had tremendous positive impact for the people in the 3rd House District. When the (1st Congressional District) seat became available, we prayed about it. I felt compelled to run because we want to take that level of serving people to a different level."

Hill addressed these questions:

What's your main message?

"I'm running as the proven conservative. My record backs up every piece of literature. I'm certainly not perfect, but of everyone in the field, I've been consistent for my entire time in the state House, and we're going to be consistent when we go to Washington."

Is there any particular cause you want to champion in Washington?

"From a policy standpoint, I'm going to work from the lens of a Christian conservative. We want to be pro-business, and ultimately we want to be pro-people."

How many terms would you commit to serve?

"I have signed a term limit pledge. I am supportive of term limits. The biggest thing is we've got to put ourselves in a position where the decades and decades of unending service has concluded. I think that era is gone. I just don't know what form or fashion it's going to come under. We've got to get there first."

Early voting begins July 17.

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